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Ancienne Abbaye Notre-Dame de Grestain

 In the footsteps of William the Conqueror:

The old abbey in Grestain Fatouville-Grestain.

With the friends association of the old abbey of Grestain and the tourist office, find  the meetings at the old abbey aswell as the photos by clicking on this link:


Former Notre-Dame de Grestain was founded by Herluin Conteville Abbaye de Grestain fondée en 1050 par Herluin de Contevilleto 1050. His wife Arlette, widow of Duke Robert the Magnificent, the mother of William the Conqueror, was buried with Herluin in the choir of the abbey church, now destroyed. As well as their son Robert, half-brother of William, his most faithful companion who played with him a leading role in the conquest of England in 1066.


This site near Conteville was chosen by Herluin,who  then had a severe skin disease, after a dream, the Virgin appeared to him and ordered him to purify water in a fountain located precisely to Grestain. Cured Herluin founded the abbey dedicated to Notre Dame in recognition of.

Richly endowed with assets located both in Normandy and England, she played  an important role in history, comparable to the great Norman abbeys of the time …


The abbey today….

The abbey of our lady Grestain has been included in suplementary historic monuments  since 1975.

Whats left of the abbey.

·        Abbaye de GrestainA single pillar of the abbey church with an inscription to the memory Arlette, buried in the abbey around 1060, her husband and their son Herluin Robert buried under the ruins

·        The house of the abbot with the living host (thirteenth century)

·        The home of prior converted farm building in the early nineteenth century

·        The wall (XII-XVI century) well preserved in the northern part with its double door

·        The gatehouse, consisting of a door of the late twelfth and door carter

·        The source said source Saint-Benoit in honor of the founder of the order, the monks fed the pool now drained.


The Friends of the Abbey of Our Lady of Grestain …

An association was formed in 2010: the Friends of the Abbey of Notre-Dame-Grestain The president of the association, Mr. Arnauld Wapler and his children want to know Abbey and develop projects  on it’s history, in partnership with the Office of tourism.


Association Friends of the Abbey of Our Lady of Grestain

Mr. Arnold Wapler and children

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