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Vestiges on the old harbour…a bit of history


Berville, a stop for ships

From 1812, the channel of the since 1760 which followed the coast north of the estuary moved south and became again a stop for ships from Rouen, who had expected a favourable wind and tide.


The square sails of freedom

The place of sails and freedom marks the location of the first ascent of the Seine by the largest yachts in the world. In the last century, the containement of the Seine allowed boats to go back to Rouen. Today, during the Armada sailing ships departed from this city and follow the meanders of the Seine to the estuary.



Vestiges of the old ferry Berville-le-hode

From 1932, a ferry allowed passengers and vehicules between Berville ans Hode to cross on the north bank of the Seine, we can see today in the footsteps of the old pier hode, who was arrested in 1959, when the bridge of Tancarville was built.





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