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Medieval house and the marshes of Saint Sulpice Grimbouville

It’s origin…

The building comes from the neighborhood community of Selles where it was threatened of being demolished because of it’s obsolescence. It was built in 1430 by English carpenters during the hundred year war. It was the porter or the input field of a domain which has disappeared today. Downstairs there was a large passage covered with carts and only one room. You could get upstairs by a staircase and an outside gallery serving two rooms which belonged to the porter. To save this amazing building, Saint Sulpice de Grimbouville decided in 1996 to move it to its community and make it the towns new mayor.


A unique architecture in Normandy

Only known timbered gatehouse in France…

This gatehouse certifies certain architectural features of the English occupation of Normandy during the Hundred Years War. It is also a testimony of medieval architecture in wood. Its structure has a cantilever on three sides with a gallery at the rear. You can also see a wooden fireplace and mud covered chestnut shingles.

The whole building was rebuilt in order to restore as much as its original state as possible. For operational reasons had to be grafted onto the old buildings a new contemporary volume.

Three other cottages were also restored to the free access site that offers a nice walk decorated with a beautiful panorama.


Discover  close to our township:

 « La route des chaumières » and the « Marais Vernier »



Discover the marshes of St. Sulpice with the path of eel, one of the two sensitive natural areas Township



Check our "Escape"

Under the "escapades Tuesday" in July and August, guided tour of the medieval house and marshes on the trail of the eel with the host of the Tourist Office, followed by a snack!

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